The Evolution of a Game: Notes on Hackronyms

April 13, 2016 Leave your thoughts
A few little scribbles is how it all started
A few little scribbles is how it all started

It’s amazing to think about how far Hackronyms has come from just an idea scrawled in a notebook (see above) to an actual thing that people can and want to play.

I recently came across notes that I made in designing Hackroynms. Wanted to share them here to showcase the very iterative process the game has taken.

As you can see, the game was a bit more complicated and played differently than it does currently. For starters, the game started with three cards.  There were also a lot more reasons not to lose than to successfully complete sentences.

Later down the line, the game started taking more of the shape it is today with players playing cards from the deck to start each new round.

Here I’m looking at action cards and when they can or cannot be used. This was streamlined to be used whenever as long as a player hasn’t started a sentence.

Here I was looking at point distribution and balancing the game, so that starting players didn’t have an unfair advantage. Figuring that, on average, a round ended after five cards played, Hackronyms got closer to where it is today.

I also have a few more images. Not sure what exactly they’re about, but if this doesn’t go to show that labeling notes is a good thing, then I don’t know what will, haha.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this quick peak into the evolution of Hackronyms and, for better or worse, my wonderful handwriting.

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