Whether you’re searching for information on how to get your prototype printed or just looking to get started, I’ve assembled this list of recommended resources. Hopefully you’ll find them useful.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which we may earn some revenue from, at no additional cost to you. Whether or not an item has an affiliate link has no bearing on the recommendation. These are items that we have used and would wholly recommend 🙂

Tabletop Game Design

Printer Studio (Small Run Card Printing) – You can read more about my review here, but I’ve been quite impressed by customer service and the quality of the cards.


  • Colored Flash Cards – Great for those times when you want to whip out a card game.
  • Ultra Pro Card Sleeves – Sturdy and durable sleeves that you can toss your flashcards or other small pieces of paper into. After sleeved, you can shuffle information more easily.
  • Chessex Pound of Dice – There’s a great assortment of dice in here, suitable for most needs. These can also work well as counters or tokens.
  • The Game Crafter – They have a ton of unique bits and pieces that can be used for game design.

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