Fruit Market







The power’s gone out. Can you manage to find the fruit you need for your business?

The market is full of 12 different types of fruit. Each fruit has three different types of features that overlap with one another (for instance, a mango is smooth on the outside like a banana).

By asking questions about a neighbor’s inventory and keeping an eye on others, players can deduce and collect the fruit needed to satisfy one’s backlog of customer orders.

Players can’t just use their own fruit to fulfill orders, so some careful movement of fruit may be needed in addition to careful sleuthing.

The winner is the fruit seller that earns the most points from their completed orders.


  • Many tropical fruits people find new and cute
  • Simple gameplay with enough strategy for all ages
  • Answers and actions can reveal what other players are going for


  • 36 Fruit Cards
  • 18 Objective Cards
  • 4 Fruit Charts
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