Escape the Room







Voiced by Amazon Polly

You’re trapped in a room. Will you be able to find and decipher clues in time to escape?

In Escape the Room, players experience an escape room right from the comfort of their own home.

Modular themed rooms, clues, and difficulty levels combine to create a unique play experience every time.

Players take turn searching the room for clues. Using a kanban-style system, players solve clues by rolling dice. Over the course of the game, players begin to specialize their roles more (for instance, becoming more astute at noticing little details), while clues become easier to solve (the more details are uncovered).

Players successfully escape if they manage to solve all six clues before the time is up.


  • Modular system allows for expansion and replayability
  • Consumable tools adds layer of strategy
  • Kanban system means players must take a turn to switch their role


  • 36 Clue Cards
  • 18 Dice
  • 6 Clue Finding Cards
  • 6 Clue Solving Cards
  • 6 Attribute Cards
  • 4 Bomb Cards

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