Crunchy Leaves







Nothing spells happiness quite like a crunchy leaf. Will you collect the crunchiest of them?

In Crunchy Leaves, players collect sets of similar types of leaves. Be the first to collect five sets to trigger the end of the game, but watch out for players that might be collecting even better sets than you.

When leaves fall, location matters. Players aren’t able to move leaves around except to claim them. As the game goes on, leaves begin to fall more frequently.

Combined, this changes a player’s strategy as not only rounds progress but the game goes on.

The winner is the first player with the most prized collection of leaves.


  • Ability to influence when the game will end
  • Acorns can increase or decrease the value of a set
  • Race to complete sets
  • Ties broken by points assigned to difficult of acquiring sets


  • 104 Leaf Cards
  • 6 Starting Leaf Cards
  • 4 Ability Sheets

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