Playtesting and Developing Out Hackronyms

From the initial concept to now, Hackronyms has gone through a series of evolutions. I wanted to take this opportunity to go through some of the biggest changes to provide both insight into the development process and show where Hackronyms is currently.… [Read On]

How to Create Inexpensive Cards for Playtesting

There's a Reason Why It's Called a Prototype
There's a Reason Why It's Called a Prototype

When creating a game, the last thing that should prevent you from prototyping are the materials you use to create them. Oftentimes, we use little things (in this case, the question of what materials to use) as an excuse to slow or even halt the development process.… [Read On]

My Experience at PAX Prime

So Many Systems!
So Many Systems!

Months of anticipation finally culminated in me going to PAX Prime. I arrived fairly early in the morning with Patrick and Andrew (and my prototypes in tow). While Andrew left to start his day of reporting, Patrick and I went inside the convention center to head to our first session.… [Read On]

Coffee, Gum, and Polar Bears

I Love Markets
I Love Markets

Andrew was the first to wake up the next day as he needed to get to the convention center early for his morning meetings.

Slightly awake due to Andrew’s stirrings (but more because of the bright beam of light breaking through my window), I started thinking about my prototypes and things I would do later that day.… [Read On]

Journey to Seattle

Such Great Heights
Such Great Heights

With my newly improved prototypes packed and ready (or at least printed), I woke up early in the morning on August 29th to meet up with another friend Andrew (and later Patrick). The flight I was scheduled to be on was one one of those flights that look good on paper but, in the end, is way too early for most human beings.… [Read On]


Hack together sentences in this high-energy word game where your solution is somebody else’s problem.

Players: 2-6
Age: 6+
Playtime: 30-45 Minutes
Primary Mechanics: Hand Management and Storytelling

104 Cards (75 Acronym Cards, 28 Action Cards, 1 Starting player Card)

Hackronyms is a fast-paced word game for 2-6 players where players race to finish or pass increasingly complex sentences.… [Read On]

Time Warp

Somewhere over the West Coast
Somewhere over the West Coast

Whew, finally got this site up and running! It’s been a while since I first had the idea of venturing into the world of tabletop game development. Here’s a quick recap of how all of this got started.… [Read On]

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