Beach Combers







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There’s a whole lot of treasure out there. The trouble is, you need to dig in to find it.

Light hand management, area control, and bidding combine in a quick, strategic game that has players searching parts of a beach for buried treasure.

Beach combers take turns searching the beach (represented by cards) with their metal detectors. Some parts may hold special actions; others contain valuable treasures. Every now and then, Mother Nature may choose to take matters into her own hand.

In the beginning, no part of the beach is off limits. As worthless objects begin to litter the beach and backpacks start filling up with loot, however, players face numerous decisions including a run to the local pawn shop and messing around with other beach combers along the way.

The winner is the player that earns the most revenue by the time no more treasures can be uncovered.


  • General access to any card
  • Piles of cards that combine and split up
  • Simple betting mechanism for offloading low-value treasures


  • 75 Beach Cards
  • 19 Pawn Shop Cards
  • 15 Pawn Shop Tokens
  • 5 Player Backpack Boards
  • 1 Pawn Shop Board
  • 1 Recycling Center Board

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