Creating awe, one game at a time.
Creating awe, one game at a time.

What We Do:

Ignite Wonder Games is a tabletop game development studio based in San Francisco, California just a couple of somersaults from the Pacific Ocean. At Ignite Wonder, we take pride in providing gaming experiences that will leave players in awe.

From the sensation of finally finding that one item you’ve been waiting to buy to discovering that your pet is actually a unicorn, we could all use a little more wonder in our lives.

Here’s to igniting more of it in yours!

Running a panel at SDCC!
Running a panel at SDCC!

Meet Kevin:

Kevin Hamano (the one on the very left) is the founder and lead designer of Ignite Wonder Games. Growing up, one of his most prized possessions was a copy of the Monopoly: Deluxe Edition that he would take everywhere with him. (It’s a wonder he still had so many friends.) He’s since moved onto enjoying more obscure and newer games like Mahjong, Love Letter, and Euphoria. Kevin particularly enjoys tabletop games that are more creative, innovative, and can entertain varying types of strategy.

When he’s not developing and marketing products; you might find him launching web experiments, talking ad infinitum about games, or hanging out with friends.

Let’s Connect:

(Okay, back to first-person.) If you like what you’ve read so far, you might enjoy following us on Facebook, Twitter, and our hyper-exclusive, digital club (a.k.a. email newsletter). On Facebook, we’ll mainly post random things related to tabletop gaming that you might want to re-share. On Twitter, we’ll try to say clever things (emphasis on “try”) and deliver updates about ongoings at Ignite Wonder Games. Over email, you’ll be one of the first to learn about new game releases and to get member-exclusive promotions. If you’re looking to connect specifically with Kevin, feel free to connect with him on Board Game Geek, Twitter or Instagram.

Can’t wait to connect with you on the interwebs. If we run into each other, don’t hesitate to say hi!

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